Every plan on our list has the same set of features. This means that even if you're on a starter plan you will get all new updates. The only difference between plans is the available amount of discounted orders created per month while app is enabled.

We want to avoid our customers getting mad about an application which stops immediately after the limit is reached. In your app dashboard you will see the current discount orders count. Once this limit is reached your customers get a response message which can be changed on the Translations page of the app. Default: "Discount Code can not be processed at the moment, please apply it at the Checkout"

Of course! If you wish to pause the application you can disable it or uninstall our snippet from your main theme (both options are available from app Dashboard). Uninstalling from the theme will revert any changes made to your Theme by the app.

Our application has an interactive Setup Wizard, which should work for most of the themes. But sometimes it's not straightforward when it comes to installing it on to a custom theme. Either you get in touch with your developer who should be able to implement the changes following instructions given in the app, or you get in touch with us. We provide a paid service for you to install the application to your store.


The Discountz application is developer and designer friendly. We deliberately provide minimal styling for the app as every theme is different. Every element in the Discountz Widget, which your customers will interact with, has class names in the form of "discountz-*". Any developer should be able to style the look and feel of the Widget by providing appropriate css for these class names. If you don't have a dedicated developer, we provide a paid service for you to install and customise the application to your store.


Sometimes the basic version isn’t enough. We're continuously working on new features and additions to get most out of the discount app. You want to have a special custom feature in our application? Contact us for either a private or public feature implementation.


We provide some events for developers which can be used to do some custom implementations of our application. Developers Guide